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The only manufacturer of piston groups in Ukraine and water pumps in the same enterprise

From 1995

More than 25 years on the Ukrainian market – we have been working since 1995!


Our products are bought in 25 countries of the world

информация о компании Форсар
информация о компании Форсар

«We not only produce piston kits and pumps, but also created our own agricultural enterprise, where we work on the same equipment as our customers. This is our testing ground, where all new products are tested in the fields in real conditions before being launched into mass production.

For several years in a row, our agricultural enterprise has been ranked first place in the region in terms of the amount of the harvested crop due to the uninterrupted operation of equipment.

Награды компании Форсар
Награды компании Форсар
О компании Форсар
О компании Форсар

I and every employee of our company are working to increase the harvest of our clients. And all together we care about the future – about our children and grandchildren. Therefore, do not be distracted by unnecessary repairs, collect high harvests, and we will help you with this. Choose those who understand».


Owner Ostroverh Vadim

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